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Technology Essay

In this essay I will state why I think technology makes my life more simpler .

Some researchers have other opinions, as you will read in this essay.

After reading the essay Fallen in Late by Kate Zernike, I saw that some

researchers made some good points on how cell phones have enabled more people to fall

behind schedule, and have provided a new crutch the chronically tardy. James E. Katz, a

professor of communication at Rutgers University, says “the cell phone has changed the

nature of time and relationships. Just by calling and changing the plans your are able to

change being late to being on time.” pg.236. I can agree some what with that statement,

if I was to look it from a psychological point. People myself included tend to think

because we have a cell phone we can take advantage of calling someone and telling them

we are running late and need more time when we don’t really need it. While a person that

doesn’t use a cell phone mind frame will be different, because they know they don’t have

a cell phone to tell that person they are running late, so they mind set will be to always be

on time.

Technology has definately made my life simpler. For one, technology today

makes it much more easier to communicate with family and friends from a distance, with

internet sites like face book, myspace and others. Cell phones is another technological

item used by a lot of people. One of the main reason why people have cell phones is so

they can be contacted in case of a emergency. It would be hard for me to live with out a

cell phone. In this generation cell phones can practically do anything from take pictures,

record video, listen to music, download applications and more. Cell phones have changed

over the years, I know people that would rather text a message on a cell phone instead of

calling on it.

As a conclusion you can see technology makes my life...
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