Reader Response Thousand Pieces of Gold Part Iii and Iv

Topics: China, Chinese language, English-language films Pages: 1 (475 words) Published: February 28, 2011
In the beginning of part three, the book mentioned Lalu’s confusion and worry about the ability of buying herself back. The conversation between Charlie and her had resulted in the fact that Hong King will never sell Lalu. She acknowledged this fact and determined to set herself free again by killing Hong King. This was a very courageous thought of a woman, she never held a gun before but she still is certain to win her own dignity and freedom back. Charlie beat Hong King in a gambling game and won over Hong King’s saloon, properties and Lalu. Lalu felt embarrassed and angry because she had a plan of winning her own freedom since her father sold her to the bandits. After reflecting the facts that Charlie was trying to help her yet again, they came to a pact that Lalu could use the gold she saved to buy her own boarding house. Lalu is a very strong and independent woman, even though she can be taken care of by Charlie, she can keep her saved gold and money, she still wants to buy her own property and take care of herself other than only depending on a man. In Part four, the book mentioned about the life of Polly, which is Lalu’s western name, when she started her business of the boarding house and her daily lives with the people in the community. The dialogs between Polly and other characters showed that her English skills have improved a lot. She became friends with most of the people including Chinese or Americans. But the feeling of identity confusion have aroused in Polly’s mind, she felt that she wasn’t entirely a part of neither the Chinese nor the Americans. As I read along, Charlie had been shot bad and nearly died. In that part, I felt that Charlie was really in love with Polly since he asked her to marry her because he love her and so to protect her from being cheated. But Polly still didn’t accept his proposal. Polly was very worried and sad because even the doctor couldn’t save Charlie, a lot of people said Charlie could not survive....
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