Reactions when the United Stated Took over Hawaii

Topics: United States, Hawaii, Hawaiian language Pages: 2 (562 words) Published: November 20, 2013
James Gilbeaux
Mr. Hillyer
US History
January 5, 2013
The Takeover of Hawaii
When the United States was taking over Hawaii, the Hawaiians were not happy at all. The Americans had come to help and support Hawaii, but they didn’t want to leave so they just stayed. The Hawaiians were not aware that the United States were going to settle in. Hawaii couldn’t try to fight the United States away because they didn’t have an army to fight. So Hawaii had to sit there and let them do what they want.

The United States just wanted to expand their power and achieve more land mass. Especially Hawaii, they had good plantation for farming and such. The weather was just right to grow corn, pineapples, rice, sugar cane, and coffee. So they loved this land and they weren’t just going to give it up. So the United States wanted the land just for business, it completely pissed of the people that lived in Hawaii. At the same time it somewhat helped the Hawaiians because they were protected by the United States. They didn’t have to worry about any foreigners trying to come in and invade.

Honestly, I would have to be on Hawaii’s side only. I agree that it’s not right to just move into another country without any permission. It just completely removed all the independent thoughts the Hawaiians had. The Hawaiians were doing just fine until the United States came. Hawaiians tried their hardest to push the United States out. They had like little gatherings and started to act mean to all Americans. The Hawaiians didn’t let Americans ever have the upper hand on them. The Hawaiians controlled who should get the job and most likely they were going to pick their own race over a white American. They don’t like each other so why should they give them the job.

My thought on imperialism is that it’s the worst thing ever, but it shows a big impact of how you are seen by others. Mainly strong, powerful and smart. This was one of the most easiest ways I have seen another country take over...
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