Reaction - A patriot under the Articles of Confederation

Topics: United States, American Revolutionary War, American Revolution Pages: 3 (981 words) Published: March 9, 2014

Reaction Assignment #3
Professor Keller- History 1311

My father was a local merchant in the city of Boston in 1764 when Parliament passed The Sugar Act1 in yet another attempt to increase Britain’s revenue after the end of the Seven Years War. One of nine children, my family struggled financially during the upcoming years. I suppose my parents worried constantly that we would suffer economic loss as Great Britain passed many taxation acts2 which further tightened any financial gain attained from the trade of goods. My father was friends with Samuel Adams3 and one cold winter night I snuck out, following my father, as I knew something big was about to happen. Father had been ranting all through supper how Parliament needed to be taught a lesson and he and Sam had gathered several men to protest this taxation without our consent.4 Hidden in the fog on the night on December 16, 1773, at the age of fifteen; I watched as my father, along with several other men dressed as Indians, threw barrels and barrels of tea shipped from the East India Company into the waters of the harbor.5 It was this event that made me determined, like my father, to remain true as a patriot and take a stance against the imperial government. This night was just the beginning of the political, economical, and social issues that I witnessed throughout the next two decades. Even with the odds stacked against me, I enlisted in the Continental Army because politically, I was determined to aide in making America a free country. Great Britain had violated American’s liberty with the King’s numerous tax acts6 and infringed on our rights as Englishmen. Because we colonists spoke out about our grievances against the crown, King George III7 determined that we were traitors and rebellious. The Declaration of Independence was written and no longer would my America live under Monarchial rule. I, along with many Americans fought a dangerous war under deplorable conditions in order to...
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