Reaction to Amistad Movie

Topics: Racism, African American, Black people Pages: 4 (771 words) Published: March 31, 2013
Kaylan Earls
March 22, 2013

Reaction To Amistad

Amistad was a very touching movie and showed a lot of fight and determination from the West

Africans and several others working to gain freedom for the slaves.. During the movie I felt that I to

were experiencing the gruesome triumphs that the West African slaves experienced during their fight

toward freedom. Though I have seen several movies dealing with race it is always interesting to learn

more about history. Amistad showed how the West Africans stuck together and remained as one to

fight for their freedom and be reunited with their families once again.

An issue that really hit a spot was how the slaves had to continue to go back to trial after being

given their freedom once before due to illegal captivation. I think because of history and how race had

such a impact in past times, regardless if the slaves were illegally captivated, the White House made

the decision based off what was right for only their sake. I think during those times African Americans

were just seen for their color and were being enslaved just because just for that simple reason.

Though it was great to see that the Mende people finally were granted their freedom after a third trial,

it was not fair that they had to go through so much for something they were already given before.

This film had a huge impact on my thinking about race. Being African American I know the

marches and all that was put in to get to where we are today. It's so inspiring to see and makes me so

much more appreciative that todays society is better than it was in the past. Though I am sure that

there are still some racial problems it is not nearly as bad as before. I liked the movie because I feel

like in a way it showed how we all should have been treated equally in a way because the Mende

people were enslaved for no reason. I think it relates to my life because their are...
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