reaction timer experiment

Topics: Reaction time, Thuy Trang Pages: 2 (301 words) Published: December 18, 2013
 Student name : Thi Thuy Trang Nguyen
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Human reaction timer experiment ruler

The goal of this test was to affirm. Students wear glass have slower reaction times than

students don't wear glass.

Beginning with the class was divided into three groups, two groups of five students and one

group of six students. Each group of students got a ruler from teacher and the result table. The

ruler was held by a participant at the top, at the words “ HOLD HERE”, another participant was

informed to place their forefinger and thumb on the either side of the zero line on the ruler. They

were informed to catch the ruler when it start to drop down. It was accomplish without any

warning. It was grabbed by one student as quickly as possible. The number at the upper of the

hand holding the ruler was calendar on the table result. If the other participant did not catch the

ruler, the missed results were recorded with symbol “ Ø”, on the result table. The experiment was

repeated a few times with each participant in group and and all result were recorded in a table


For the whole class, the average reaction time for the student wear glass was 0,15 seconds

and 0,14 seconds for the student don't wear glass. For every student in group, the quickest average

time for the students wear glass was 0,14 seconds and 0,11 seconds for the students don't wear

glass. Also,the slowest average time for the student don't wear glass was 0,18 seconds and 0,19

seconds for the student wear glass. The number of misses was only 6 times during the experiment.

In conclusion, this experiment shows that the people don't wear glass have quicker reaction

times than the people wear glass. it is a reason why we have to take care our eyes carefully.
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