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Topics: Family planning, Birth control, Sex education Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: December 14, 2010
As a student, a teen and a follower of the church, I do not agree in the passing of the Reproductive Health Bill in our country. It is because I think the Reproductive Health Bill indirectly decreases the morality of people. It also teaches us how to use condoms or pills for safe sexual intercourse or for family planning. Even though we all know that it does not work 100%, there are still some who use it. For me it promotes abortion because they are preventing the development of a child, indirectly killing it. This opposes one of the church teachings, one of the Ten Commandments to be exact. And also, I do not agree with the passing of the bill because the Philippines is a Catholic country and defying the church teachings means denouncing our faith. Despite these circumstances, the president still agreed to this. They think that approving the RH bill can help lessen the over population and the decreasing of resources. For me, even though this idea is practical yet it is idiotic because they are only thinking of the positive effects and ignoring the negative effects. If I were in his shoes, I will promote the natural way of family planning so that there will be no argument between the church and the government. And an evil deed cannot be solved by another evil or this may cause another major problem. And also to those who promote the RH bill, I think they should clear their heads and start thinking for the sake of not only the majority but also to those who will be affected of the negative effects of the bill. And finally, I think that approving this bill will make the contraceptives over the counter. This allows minors or even innocent people to buy this kind of stuffs. And maybe, just maybe this can be the cause of liberation of the future population.
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