Reaction Paper to the Secret in the Wings

Topics: Fairy tale, Theatre, Fantasy Pages: 4 (1446 words) Published: May 4, 2012
Event: The Secret in the WingsProduced by: St. Louis Community College Place: Meramec Campus Time: 7:30pm
Author: Mary Zimmerman
The Secret in the Wings
I was very unfamiliar with the text of story. I had never heard of the play or the author of the story. I went into this event with blind folds on so to speak. I had no idea what type of play it was, or anything about the theatre itself. I was very excited about Secret in the Wings, because of the one previous theatre experience I had I was very happy with. This theatre was much larger and appeared to have a larger budget to work with as far as appearance. I really didn't bring any expectations with me, other than excitement of seeing only my second real live theatre presentation. My previous experience was wonderful even though it was a very small production. So when I arrived at the theatre, I was very impressed with the size of the theatre itself and also surprised that there was no admission fee. When I entered the theatre space I was very impressed with the size of the theatre and the size of the stage itself. The seating was auditorium style and very comfortable. There didn't appear to be a bad seat in the house, you could see the entire stage from anywhere in the theatre. The stage was a box style rustic set-up possibly 1980's era. The environment was dark, mysterious, with eerie music playing in the background. It had good lighting with lights flickering and the sound of a thunderstorm in the background. The stage was a three tier stage that seemed like a basement on bottom and living room area on the main level, with the top level set up as the house entrance and outside. The set was very old fashioned style with old fashion lamps and furniture on the main part of the stage. At the top of the steps there was a door that appeared to be the main entrance of the cast. To the right of it was these mysterious bars, almost as if they were prison bars. All of this made me very...
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