Reaction Paper to Pre-Spanish Colonization

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Reaction Paper to Pre-Spanish Colonization
When I chose to enroll into the PHST 30 course, I really only had one intention for being in this class, and that is it is a CSU transferable class. All of my life I have considered myself to be a Filipino-American, although I was born and raised here in the United States. I never really knew much about Philippine history and I am actually glad that I am learning a little bit more in each class session.

During Pre-Spanish colonization, I found some major concerns regarding my feelings towards some of the laws that were in effect in those days. For example with the poor people who were not allowed to have more than one child and if they did, their newborn baby would be thrown into the river. What gives the government the right to make a decisi

on for a couple who want to have a bigger family? Back then people also could not be lazy; if they chose to be lazy, they were severely punished. If that were the case now, millions of people would be punished a day. Another example is that men drank back then to prove their masculinity to women. It was really amusing to me that a popular liquor back then was Lambanoag because I have drank that now, and it is no longer just for men to drink. Another aspect of Pre-Spanish colonization was that men were to work while the women stayed home and took care of all of the household duties. It is really unfair to women that they are obligated to stay home because what if they wanted to work, they just couldn’t.
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