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Reaction Paper to Jose Rizal film

By mchlsrbn Jan 26, 2014 359 Words

Reaction Paper

The movie told us about the life story of Jose Rizal, the Philippine national hero. The three-hour epic of the life and struggles of Rizal covered his life from childhood to death at the hands of the Spaniards. The film showed flashbacks showing “Pepe” as his nickname, is a genius, a writer, a doctor, an artist, a lover, a friend, a brother and a son. The movie introduced us to the life of the Filipino people under the rule of the Spanish friars.

The life of the people in that time was not easy. They were bound to obey every law, every rule and every word of the Spanish friars and government even if the leaders were already oppressing their rights. The colonizers abused them in different ways. Even the Catholic Church used their powers to get what they want. Spain thought that they can fool everyone.

It was shown in the movie how Rizal inspired the Filipinos to fight for their right. By writing his novels, Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, many Filipinos opened their eyes to what is really happening in their country. It led to the founding of Katipunan that aimed to revolt against Spaniards.

The freedom we experience today, we owe it all to our heroes who fought for our motherland, either by weapons or by pen. Because of this movie, I did recognize the bravery of the people who gave their last breath with PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE in their mind. I learned so much about the past and its importance to our situation today. We may not be under any colonization now, but most of us are forgetting who we really are and what are we capable of. We are forgetting that WE ARE FILIPINOS.

I hope that it is not only me whose patriotism and nationalism was revived by watching the movie. I hope that Rizal can still continue to inspire us to strive hard and finish our studies and to be educated by any means, either rich or poor. Because the more you know, the more you are equipped with knowledge which can defend you and even your country someday.

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