Reaction Paper to Enough Is Enough by Judy Scheindlin and Josh Getlin

Topics: Juvenile delinquency, Crime, Criminology Pages: 2 (787 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Reaction to Enough is Enough
The essay “Enough is Enough” by Judy Scheindlin and Josh Getlin discusses the issue of juvenile delinquency and methods in which to deter it. She explains that in her years as a judge she has dealt with various cases of juvenile crimes but as time has progressed, the intensity and seriousness of the crimes became worse. Her thesis is that she believes that the judiciary system and the society do not know how to control and rehabilitate these delinquents. Judge Judy states that, in her belief, she prefers law enforcement institutions to be much tougher on the delinquents as a method to deter any repeat offenses and to preserve peace.

I agree with Judge Judy’s view that we should be tougher on delinquents. She uses examples on how she responds to excuses about family loss or attachment to older siblings. I know many youth who have lost family members and still stay out of trouble; they live virtuous lives in spite of grieving. This proves that loss of family members is no excuse for delinquency. I also share her belief that the system needs to be tougher on first time delinquents, this toughness can lead to easier rehabilitation and deterrence of criminals which are two of the main purposes of the justice system.

Judge Judy gives some suggestions in controlling the youth and preventing delinquency, however some of these methods would need to be adapted if they were to work in Caribbean countries such as Belize. Her first point is to spend public funds solely on facilities used for normal law abiding youth and not so much on detention facilities. While I do agree with the point of more focus on schools and facilities for good children, I also believe that detention facilities must also be upheld. This is so to make the rehabilitation process easier, with terrible conditions, the youth just develop more animosity towards society. However, main focus should be on improving external societies so as the youth prefer to be virtuous with...
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