Reaction Paper to Comprehension-Based Approach in English Language Teaching
Topics: Language acquisition, Linguistics, Learning, Skill, Second language, Understanding / Pages: 4 (963 words) / Published: May 5th, 2011

Carlos Hilado Memorial State College
Graduate School
Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines

Subject : Current Trends in Teaching English
Instructor: Mrs. Liezl May C. Tortogo
Student: Adoracion Aileen Ayn E. Hilado
Reaction to Comprehension Based Approach in Teaching Language

A. Summary of Comprehension Based Approach The Comprehension Approach refers to several methodologies of language learning that emphasize understanding of language rather than speaking. It is a pedagogical/instructive principle, which can be found in a number of methods and in practical listening comprehension; a. comprehension should be taught by teaching learners to understand meaning in the target language; b. the learners' level of comprehension should always exceed their ability to produce language; c. productive language skills will emerge more naturally when learners have well developed comprehension skills; d. such an approach reflects how children learn their first language. The Comprehension Approach scholars share the belief that a) comprehension abilities precede productive skills in learning a language b) the learning of speech should be delayed until comprehension skills are established; c) skills acquired through listening transfer to other skills; and d) teaching should emphasize learner stress-free environment etc

Its other Principles: • Listening comprehension is very important and is viewed as the basic skill that will allow speaking, reading and writing to develop spontaneously over time given the right conditions • Learners should begin by listening to meaningful speech and by responding nonverbally in meaningful ways before they produce any language themselves • Learners should not speak until they feel ready to do so; this results in better pronunciation than if the learner is forced to speak immediately • Learners progress by being

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