Reaction Paper Rizal

Topics: Education, Teacher, School Pages: 3 (387 words) Published: March 7, 2011
Administrative Offenses in the
Department of Education

“Every private individual has its public responsibility”

Administrative offenses in the Department of Education is offer time misinterpreted as

immoral cases for we know that employees and administrators have the full knowledge as to

what extent does their jurisdiction or right limit. That is why,it so frustrating to note when the

educators was accused of administrative cases/offenses.

But human as we are,we are not born perfectly. We are “sinners”as they say. It is for us

to avoid it. However,if a person is righteous enough,I'm sure she/he knows how to act or

behave in public in the sense that he is a public servant and part of educational system.

I am very much greatful to this subject because gave me the full awareness that any

offenses made by any employee in Department of Education has its corresponding penalties

. Suspensions on dismissal from the service are some of the penalties one has to face.

Being a public school teacher and administrator to be,I should avoid any administrative

offenses. We should not let our actions be the reason of our dismissal or suspensions.

Remember that we educators have the “NOBLEST PROFESSION”.

The DECS Rules of Procedures

To avoid misunderstanding and trouble,one has to follow some guidelines and Rules of Procedures.

Procedures are set in order for us employees to follow. It should be strictly and

consistently implemented so that there will a good and harmonious working environment.

As far as I am concerned,DECS Rules of Procedures governs every public school

employees actions and performance in school. If offenses made a through investigation and

must follow to judicial proceedings as the case arises. Since we are on educator and moulder

of the youth,we shall not allow any complaint and grievances reach office. As much as

possible,we have to set things inorder and in accordance with the...
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