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Reaction Paper: Rh Bill

By Dupnachan Dec 26, 2012 889 Words
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Giorjann Matthew S. Querubin
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Mrs. Helen I. Rarela

Reaction Paper: RH Bill
First of all, RH-bill is a Philippine bill which would be implemented to control the population rate and to expand the knowledge about maternal care.  This means using of condoms and other stuff that will not make a woman pregnant. Actually, I’m still uncertain if I’ll be against the RH Bill or if I’ll be in favor of it because I want our population controlled and on the other hand I believe that our Christian ways and beliefs should be observed. If the government implemented the RH-bill, the control of the rapid population growth in our own country would be easier to be manipulated. And yes, that is fortunately true. Because since our population has been unbelievably rising rapidly, we have to acknowledge such bills to help on the development of our country’s economy. But when it comes to a biblical manner, RH-bill is a big no because as stated in the bible; “Go forth and multiply,” which literally means that the church is pro-life, maybe because of some reasons that the more the population, the more people who’ll be destined to heaven. I just can’t understand it why the church keeps contrasting laws from the government if it’s actually for the good of the most. But I’m not saying that I’m against God or the church. I am also a catholic. If the church and the government were only a team, there would be fewer clarifications about different kinds of laws. It’s still okay if the RH-bill won’t be implemented, it’s still a grace from God to have a lot of offspring. Yes it’s still okay but how about the people living in the streets? Having a grace from God is nice, but it’s the parent’s responsibility to take charge about their own children. If they knew that it’s just going to worsen their lives, they might have not produced dozens of juniors. If most of the people were only educated enough about embracing their own discipline in their sexual behavior, it could be easier for them to live their own lives. Parents must know the number of children that they could handle before reproducing another right after which was born, because I do believe that sex is sacred. Population is the main target in RH-bill, because the less the street wanderers, the higher our economical quality rises. That’s why if we don’t want this bill to be valid, parents must double check whether to multiply or not, if they can still manage being a parent of many. As a parent, you must grant your will and your responsibilities. The usage of condoms and contraceptive pills will not be prohibited with RH-bill. As far as I know, teenagers are also a factor on why our population gets fatter, because as I have observed, even the young people have been pretty much concerned about having sex without any limitations. If they had used condoms, they could have lived their lives not being a young parent. As a Christian, I also think it’s spiritually bad, because God gave us these things, and we have to make use of them. Sex is not just about multiplying, everyone has been enjoying sex as a malicious game, where in fact it’s just a normal thing in life. But our generation (and even the minor aged) has been much exposed to this, which is why people are easily losing their moral values and the men impregnates the ladies and neglects the pregnant woman, which makes all the gentlemen cancel out the gentle which makes them just merely a man. But people are too abusive in doing the actual intercourse; they forget to recall its possible side effects so they keep on doing it. How about the poor ladies who had been left by their boyfriends? This is why we are having RH-bill to be implemented to decrease the number of single mothers. If men had loved their girlfriends, they would have not left their girls pregnant and drenched with problems. And if the number of single moms had decreased, our country would have fewer problems to be encountered. Currently, our country has a lot of street wanderers, homeless and hopeless which is another factor that makes our country poor, and guess improper sex/family planning has been implied here. Our place seems to be so crowded, crowded that almost every place we go is a “prone to accident” area. I also think that it’s also the government’s fault why a lot of our fellows are suffering, it is because of greediness that’s why they try to corrupt their own country. And since we have a big population, it’s almost hard to trust one another. If the government had served honestly and properly, we might have lived a country which is standardized and civilized. And to make it clearer, RH-bill is not promoting rejection of babies. It also decreases the possibility of rejection. I’m a Christian who has an own opinion, and nothing can stop me from praising God, I just think that having less population would make our country well organized. So I think, I’ll be more into implementing the RH-bill, for an essential way of living.

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