Reaction Paper: Procter & Gamble

Topics: Marketing, Brand management, Procter & Gamble Pages: 1 (299 words) Published: October 18, 2014
Loyola, Marc Zyrus R. August 27, 2014 HRD 12 Ms. Carilyn Saul Midterm Reaction Paper #2

“Procter & Gamble”

Procter and Gamble (mostly known as “P&G”) is one of the most known company in the world. They are producing and selling consumer- goods products like Tide, Safeguard, Joy and many more. Procter and Gamble is also known as a company that compete with its self by making product with the same usage but with different varieties. They make different products with different use because they believe in the fact that different people want different mixes benefits.

They have a great market segmentation because they really get the taste and want of masses. For different masses, different varieties of products even the name of the product is the same like Tide (Tide powder, Tide liquid, Tide with bleach, etc.) because people have their own standards and this also includes some factors like Geography, some parts of the world have their own segmentation of P&G’s product (like Latin America has 16 laundry products and Europe has 19 laundry products). Demographic Orientation also affect like age segmentation, the Generation Y. Gender segmentation, most of the women (mother) bought the product for household uses.

For me, P&G is both Consumer Market (Primary Market) and Business Market (Secondary Market) because many consumer use P&G products for personal use and other use for business (Sari-sari store, Grocery store). They also have good positioning because they have good competition especially with their own product. They have consumer friendly prices and have good quality products. They’re branding is known all over the world. So for me, P&G is genius because they highly compete with their own product in one shelves but they are also the...
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