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Topics: Emotional intelligence, Emotion, Intelligence Pages: 1 (282 words) Published: April 3, 2011
The paper ”Human Abilities: Emotional Intelligence” briefly presents the evolution of Emotional Intelligence term throughout time. It illustrates the scope of Emotional Intelligence which analysis emotions and the use of emotions and emotional knowledge in order to improve thought. In regard to human abilities it is said that they are either specific, such as individual mental capacities, or integrative where the term is approached as a cohesive, global ability. The management of Emotional Intelligence is essential in someone’s life because knowing to use your emotions can help oneself and furthermore his/hers relationships with the others. If we take into account the organizational environment a person who has a high Emotional Intelligence will be able to face the problems easily having more self-control upon the situation and will have a developed self-perception of social skills. Moreover this person will recognize and understand the emotions expressed by, for example, a colleague by identifying the facial expression and the feeling experienced by that individual. I personally believe that being capable to “read” a person is very important because this might change the result of, for instance, a project that has to be prepared. The weak points can be identified and adjusted to have the desired outcome. This action is completed only by combining emotions that are reactions to different surroundings and intelligences that is seen as a set of abilities to comprehend information. To conclude I would like to say that Emotional Intelligences’ outcomes have an effect and develops the individual in his/her social network and workplace relationships and furthermore the intellectual and physical interests.

Human Abilities: Emotional Intelligence
John D. Mayer,Richard D. Roberts, and Sigal G. Barsade

Bibliography: Human Abilities: Emotional Intelligence
John D. Mayer,Richard D. Roberts, and Sigal G. Barsade
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