Reaction Paper About Sandayaw

Topics: Performance, Dance, Energy Pages: 2 (1493 words) Published: April 5, 2015
Ronquillo, Mariel G.
PE 1 ST1
Ten Years in Lime Light
Ten years of dancing exhibited in a more or less 90-minute performance. With all those expertise they have gained in their decade of dancing, I must say that I expected it to be great of course. I got to see the whole part of it, so I will base my reactions on what I really saw.

First and foremost, the title itself, “Sangdekada Sandayaw Reloaded,” already had an impact with the aid of the alliteration used and the word “reloaded.” However, saying that it is a benefit concert gave a greater impact to those who will watch the performance. Though I do not know the meaning of sandayaw, I know that the meaning of Sandekada is “isang dekada.” Maybe Sandayaw is also the shortened form for “isang sayaw.” Moreover, the word “reloaded” tells the audience that this performance will better and more intense than that of their previous performances. Meanwhile, I wonder what their next performance will be. What will they call it next year in celebrating their 11 years? Will it still have a greater impact?

The ticket. Though it may be just a little thing compared to the other things in the concert, still, it is a significant part of it. An appealing ticket is something to be kept; it can be a souvenir or the like. The layout, font size and colour combination are well-chosen, and that made up a good ticket. Chosen colours; blue for Sangdekada, black for Sandayaw, and red for ‘reloaded,’ are good, same as the font styles used. Lastly, imagery used in the big letter ‘S’ for both Sangdekada and Sandayaw is really awesome; it emphasized the ethnic theme of the performance.

The lighting. The lighting in the whole auditorium is awesome. Having the lights off in the audience really makes that ‘feels.’ The lighting effects was actually the thing that grab my attention when I entered the auditorium; the lighting sent me to another magical place. When the performance was about to start, I actually cannot see where the seats...
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