Reaction Paper about Gender

Topics: Gender, Feminism, Gender role Pages: 6 (2142 words) Published: December 8, 2014
The talk about gender has really been prominent worldwide and as it thrives in a newer environment through time, many concerns have been discussed in its different aspects. The advent of cases involving gender harassment and other violations have been widespread throughout the country through media influences and other factors. Throughout time, the flagrant uprising of advocacies upholding the rights of one’s gender, for example, feminist groups and the LGBT advocacy, have been really evident and are mostly considered as important matters in society. Along with these issues are contradictory notes regarding gender empowerment and equality. Some believe not in the 3rd gender and others contradict feminist advocacies. As society develops, so as the perspective of people who dwells within it. Gender inequality, for instance, has been a very sensitive issue in society which is frequently talked about. Political discussions regarding this matter continues, however in some countries, although the influence of policies and laws are present, some people still stay ignorant towards this subject. Possible reasons behind this is the practice of gender inequality in the household itself. At a young age, some children are exposed in the possible unequal treatment of boys and girls. Adults often lack idea on how these simple things can affect a child’s perspective of gender roles which he/she can develop over time. With all the talk about gender, we have to be very sensitive when it comes to this matter. We have to be familiar with the different aspects of gender which has a very essential role in developing societies, where people have diverse views and perspectives regarding different issues with gender in their respective communities. I.

Feminist discussions concerning different views of society to women has a noticeable increase throughout the years. As the feminist movement drastically increases in developing countries, people now can comprehend that feminism does not only focuses in one aspect rather it is a collection of movements and even ideologies which is aimed at establishing equal political, economic, cultural, and social rights for women.

Along with the upsurge of different feminist groups is the escalation of multiple questions of gender difference, dominance, and diversity in different social aspects. Feminism has a great influence in the lives of women, not only in the Philippines but throughout the world. Focusing on the talk about gender as a social construction, the idea that gender is socially constructed is a view present in many sociological theories about gender. According to this view, society and culture create gender roles, and these roles are prescribed as ideal or appropriate behavior for a person of that specific gender. “Gender as a social construction is somehow a theory of knowledge in sociology that examines the development of jointly constructed understandings regarding gender of the world (’” The norm that women are inferior to men is somehow just a psychological concept that just progressed in changing societies. Gender difference for example is explained through this: “Girls are more physically and neurologically advanced at birth. Boys have more mature muscular development but are more vulnerable to disease and hereditary anomalies. Girls excel early in verbal skills, but boys excel in visual-spatial and math skills. Boys' superior mathematic abilities, however, reflect only a better grasp of geometry, which depends on visual-spatial abilities. Boys are more aggressive, and girls more nurturing. Boys have more reading, speech, and emotional problems than girls (Hetherington Park).” Gender differences define those differences that exist between men and women. Gender differences by definition take into consideration the fact that outside the box, it is impossible to control for the interactions between people and their environment. Subsequently, gender dominance has also been a...
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