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Topics: Sun, Outer space, Star Pages: 3 (907 words) Published: February 25, 2014
Most of the people think that science is boring and hard. I admit that before, I also thought that science is a something that I would not love because of what I hear from other people. But then, I realized that science is very important in different fields of life. Now, I can’t even imagine life without science.

August 31, 2013 is a day that I would really remember. That day, we had a science activity held at our school, City of Mandaluyong Science High School which is called Skymobile. Me and my schoolmates learned and realized a lot of things about science and life during the activities and at the same time, we also had so much fun.

We had a lot yet enjoyable activities during the Skymobile. First, we had the telescope viewing. They showed us the different parts of the telescope and discussed how each part functions in the telescope. Each of us was given a chance to view something using the telescope. I was really happy that time because it was the first time that I used a telescope. I just hope that it was done in the evening so that I can have a glimpse of the celestial bodies. Later on, we proceed to the AVR and we watched clips about the universe inside a Space Dome or Mobile Digital Planetarium. Inside the Space Dome we felt like we are really in the outer space because of the way we viewed the clippings. We learned how physical and chemical changes occur in stars as they grow old and soon explode. Newly born stars are blue and are the hottest ones. They are born as soon as a red star which is also an old star explodes. Stars aren’t the only ones visible during the night. Some nearby planets can also be seen but the difference is that they are steady unlike the stars which are twinkling. It was also told that the Sun isn’t the largest star, but instead, it is just the nearest star to our planet. We also traveled to different planets like Saturn which is a gaseous planet and considered the most beautiful planet because of its very visible rings. We...
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