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Topics: Constable, Building, Pleading Pages: 2 (329 words) Published: October 2, 2013
Republic of the Philippines
Sagada Police Station
Sagada, Mt. Province

TO: Mario Masipag
Chief of Police

SUBJECT: Special Report Re: Bank Robbery

DATE: October 26, 2013


1. SOP of the Station

2. Blotter Entry No. 0317, Page No. 137 dated October 15,2013


3. A case of Bank Robbery on complaint of Mr. Mario Mabuti, 33 years old, married Secretary of the bank, native of Poblacion, Sagada and residing at Ato,Poblacion, Sagada,Mt. Province against Juan Tamad and five (5) undefiened armed male companies.

4. This incident transpired at the Ground Floor of the Municipal Building, Poblacion, Sagada, Mt. Province on or about 9:45 PM, October 15,2013.


5. At about 11:35 PM on October 15,2013, the above name complainant reported to this Station after lacking him in the bank by the suspect. He run away fast and went immediately in the Police Station.

6. Immediately thereafter PO1 Pedro Masungit and PO1 Edgar Malungkot accompanied and scoured Ground Floor of the Municipal Building. While looking towards the bank, the complainant recognized one of the suspect was inside the Bank and pointed it to the Policemen, PO1 Masungit and PO1 Malungkot approached at the same time informed him of his accusation and constitutional rights. Said the Policemen invited the suspect who gave up himself without hesitation.

7. Inside the Station, the suspect identified himself as Juan Tamad, 26 years old, single, jobless and residing at Taccong, Sagada, Mt. Province. The Suspect stated further that one of his companions is certain John allegedly an asset of the NPA. The bank’s money was recovered from the suspect which was turned to the evidence custodian for some evidentiary purpose.

8. Investigation was conducted by SPO3 Felipe Matapang who thereafter referred the case to Atty. Jason Matay-on, Inquest...
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