Reaction Paper

Topics: Intelligence, Eric Robert Rudolph, Education Pages: 3 (1119 words) Published: September 25, 2013

Psych 102 Reaction Paper #1
Raven Smith
Northern Illinois University

The first article “Even Geniuses Work Hard” was generally about the two different ways in how people observe intelligence and learning, fixed and growth mindset. Students with a fixed mindset do not like work. They believe that if you have the skill then everything should come logically. Students with a growth mindset are more likely to respond to original problems by continuing to be involved, trying new tactics, and using all the resources at their power for knowledge. These two mindsets lead to different school behaviors. For one example, once students see intelligence as fixed, they have a habit of valuing the look of being smart above everything else. They may sacrifice significant chances to study—even those that are vital to their future educational achievement—if those occasions involve them to risk performing below par or acknowledging deficiencies. Instead students with a growth mindset view stimulating work as a chance to learn and develop. Mostly, students with a fixed mindset have a habit of not handling setbacks as well as that of a growth mindset. I actually enjoyed reading Gweck’s article, I thought it was fascinating. Originally, I believed that I was a person with a “growth mindset.” Even though I believe that I think like an individual with a growth mindset, I possess some behaviors of that with a fixed mindset, meaning that I tend not to handle setbacks as well. I do at times, become dispirited or defensive when I can’t accomplish a task right away. I agreed with the entirety of this article. Not too many people are born “geniuses” so that means that the majority of individuals have to push and actually work themselves to the point of brilliance, which is what “growth mindset” is. Individuals with a fixed mindset believes that they are born with a definite extent of brilliance and intelligence and that’s that, no more will or can be developed....
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