Reaction Paper 2: Getting from College to Career Chapters 4-6

Topics: English-language films, Volunteering, Form of the Good Pages: 2 (723 words) Published: March 1, 2013
The real world is out there and as college students we are almost getting there. A few tips from anyone can help you get there with a centered mind and better possibilities. So, be intelligent enough to listen and keep the good advice that is given to you on this transition from college to the real world. The book “Getting from college to career”, by Lindsey Pollak, still impresses me with its recommendations. Reading the chapters four to six made me concrete more my ideas and my goals for the next couple of years.

Chapter four had some good advice for me. I actually do some of the things there but with those tips I might do a better and more complete job. I normally talk to random people everywhere, in school, in my volunteering job, in the Sky Train, even when I am buying things. The only thing I am missing there, is knowing how to introduce myself and give a good interview. Also a good tip was that I had to keep in touch with the people I went to school with, in my old school in Mexico I still do, and when I graduate fro FDU I will try to do it even if I live far away. So I will start to practice my new goals that include introducing myself in the way the book states it and getting to know as many people as I can and stay in touch with those who will benefit me in the long run.

Being a leader is a normal thing for me. Chapter five has been the chapter I like the most. It first talks about how you should be a leader. For me being a leader has been normal for the past ten years. In both of my old schools I was the soccer captain, the president of a student association and the president of the student council, for several years. So for me this is easy work. Here in FDU I don’t like the idea that freshman can’t be part of the SGA for their first year, but I hope I can be part in my next year. Doing an internship is in my goals for the next two years because I can’t do it now because of school rules but I do volunteer work. I volunteer in the Mexico Tourism...
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