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Topics: Asset, Want, Investment Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: August 15, 2013
Epie B. OmosuraDr. Nelson Aldrich L. Esguerra
MAEM StudentHuman Resources & Management Professor

Why Do Talented Employees Leave Their Companies?
(Reaction Paper)

In the world of organizations, we can’t avoid turnovers. Employees come and go,but losing employees who are talented and who are really a great asset of the company is a different story. Many companies seem to scramble with how they’re able to retain their top talent. But who should be blame for this delusional perspective?? Who should be responsible in dealing this recession? The reasons why talented employees leave can be of many grounds, but one thing is for sure, “Workers are not fixed assets, they are free agents.”

As the old adage that goes; “Employees don’t quit working for companies, they quit working for their bosses.” No matter how great your compensation and benefits are, if you are not treated, valued and respected well by your bosses, it seems useless. From what I’ve read, I realized that it’s a BAD MANAGEMENT issue. Bosses take it for granted that all their employees will always be their shadows and tend to follow them what they want to likely happen, but they don’t even think that employees also need to grow. They don’t like that they are bored and underutilized, they really want something more from a job than just a salary. Employees who are rewarded (emotionally and financially), challenged, cared of and valued will eventually perform at very high levels. However, if bosses miss any of these critical fields, then they would expect bundles of resignation and leaving in their company. They don’t even think of the cost of investing money in training, recruitment and orienting a new worker. If they always have this mentality of humiliating employees and sliding back along the excellence curve, then mediocrity tends to stay in high level.

Above all, it’s not about your position or how high your level is compared to others, but as a leader, you must give more time...
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