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Reaction Paper

By Ycasaskazumi1 Mar 11, 2013 423 Words
Pride and Prejudice
By: Jane Austen
Reaction Paper:
When I first watch the movie I immediately loved Elizabeth and Darcy as a couple, their witty comments, their loving each other against their will and their eventual coming together I relished and relived time and again. Now, having watched and familiarize in the story so many times, I am coming to appreciate Jane and Bingley’s relationship more and more. Their quiet admiration for each other, their silent suffering because of other people’s actions and their final joy is the less obvious great love story to be found in Pride and Prejudice. My favorite scene is when Elizabeth and Darcy are dancing together, the scene begins with the room full of people with Elizabeth and Darcy speaking in the middle of the dance floor. As the conversation progresses, all of a sudden it is only the two of them in the room, dancing alone and focused on each other. It feels as if the world has fallen away and there is only the two of them, an incredible visual reflection of their relationship, how it doesn’t matter what is going on around them they only have eyes for each other. My favorite scene also is when Elizabeth and Darcy run into each other at Pemberly, after Darcy has proposed and been rejected by Elizabeth which is the climax of the story and she has read the letter he wrote to her explaining his actions. And Elizabeth understands everything and she realize how foolish she is in the way she prejudice Darcy. The extreme awkwardness and embarrassment of both is so pivotal to breaking down the walls they have built between the two of them and leading to their eventual reconciliation. And lastly the proud and rich man who falls in love with Elizabeth, that is the most important and revealing of the novel. The significance of the letter lies in not only the reactions that it evokes from Elizabeth, but also as a space in which Darcy can explain his feelings and his behavior without interruption. It allows access into Darcy's thoughts and joins the viewer towards him and his cause. Darcy becomes a different man through the letter than the man the viewer has seen throughout the beginning of the movie, thus becoming a more intimate and therefore a more relatable and reliable character. Upon finishing Mr. Darcy's letter, Elizabeth has finally begun to see her foolishness and realizes Darcy's true motives. I really love this movie. I highly recommend this to watch.

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