Reaction Paper

Topics: Violin, Chapman Stick, Bass guitar Pages: 2 (522 words) Published: February 25, 2013
Ibe, Joseph Khristian P.
Hum 2 V-6R

Guitar Concert Reaction Paper

The guitar concert last September 7 2012 was indeed a show not to miss. It presented various styles and techniques that created a very wonderful piece of art. There were many factors that made the concert more than pleasing to the spectators that were present that night. First was the aura that the concert created, it was calm yet powerful which in my point of view really made the concert not boring or easy to fall asleep. The way the guitar, violin and the Chapman stick were played together was truly above the normal capabilities of a trained person. It was really harmonious as if the players were unconsciously playing their instruments. It was really like it was a part of their body. Next, I will focus on the three instruments present in the concert and point them out individually and their effect on the quartet. First is the violin and the violinist. The violin was a great builder of harmony in the quartet as it balances the missing pieces that the guitar and the Chapman stick was not able to provide. Considering the fact that the violin as a single instrument is already good enough, it’s incorporation with the quartet was truly heavenly. The violinist was really good and truly a master in his own rights. His solos we’re magnificent and it was like he was playing with his heart out. I think that is the secret when it comes not only when playing a violin or any other instruments but also in all art forms for it to be considered successful. Next are the guitar and the guitarist. As a guitar player I am amazed on how Sir Nobel executed not only his solos but all his performances that night. He did not strum that much but he performed a very wonderful series of plucking. The guitar piece for “The Swan” was the most wonderful part of the concert because of his resiliency in the manner of his playing. It was like he really made the guitar sound like piano it was really just...
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