Reaction Paper 1

Topics: Sociology, Recycling, Social Issues Pages: 2 (486 words) Published: March 23, 2015
Dear President Obama,
My name is Arica O’Quinn and I am currently a freshman at Missouri State University. In taking my second sociology class it has been brought to my attention how many social problems we have every day in America that are being ignored and tossed to the side while the government is pre-occupied with small, petty agendas that are not worth your time, or my tax dollars. One issue in particular I would like to address you is the issue of environmental problems. Yes we have other problems like the drug culture, family violence and abuse, and discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation but none of those will matter in five years if we don’t even have a healthy, safe environment to live in. Some things that tend to bother me about this certain social problem is the lack of effort and the lack of public knowledge about how fast and rapidly our environment is going downhill. Our landfills are growing at an unacceptable rate while need to make more and more just to keep all of the trash contained into a certain area. This is a social issue because the longer we go on destroying the earth we live on the less time we, our children, and grandchildren have enjoying God’s creation. Not to mention who do you think is going to be continuing on in our footsteps? That’s right- our children and grandchildren and do we really want them growing up thinking its okay to trash our environment and not bothering to do their part in maintaining and building a healthier, safer environment? Its been proven over and over that children learn from their parents in simply watching and then repeating the elders action. Currently we are showing today’s youth that this is a “throw away” world. There can be many steps that can take place to ensure that the future of our country is educated. To start off with, an action Missouri State University is taking is that next to every trashcan is a plastic and paper-recycling bin. Why not press this to being in every school or...
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