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Reaction on Dr Jose Rizal

By jbert123 Apr 19, 2015 433 Words
Baptist Theological CollegeName: Jilly Bert Sabanal PhilSci 1 Philippine HistoryDate: April 19, 2015
Reaction #1 Dr. Jose Rizal

I admire what Jose Rizal did in helping and gaining the liberty and freedom of our country. What he did was heroic because he fought for freedom in a silent but powerful way. He did not form and train soldiers and use swords and guns in fighting for democracy. He did the very effective tactic in inspiring and educating his fellow Filipino. His writings were very powerful that had opened the eyes of millions of Filipinos in that time. It serves as their encouragement during their very disappointing situation. Jose Rizal awakened the Filipino’s hopes and dreams to have freedom and peace for every while living under the abusive and corrupt Spaniards. He expressed his love to the people through his inspiring novels, essays, articles and poems rather than a force of aggression. Rizal’s great love and sensitivity to the needs of the people especially to the misfortune ones was overwhelming as evidence by his sincere services to the people as doctor, engineer, teacher, artist, farmer, and the like. His impressive intelligence made a great impact to all and that’s what makes him the Philippine Hero.This is just some of Rizal’s traits that prove his heroic deeds to our country. His honoring deeds has to be followed and live by everybody. His example is exceptional and worthy to be called a Hero. I am convince that such act may seem unattainable but it starts with doing the right thing in some little ways may a big difference and impact to the society. Being a teacher was one of Rizal’s profession and if all teachers would have the same passion as of Rizal, surely a small town, city and country would also produce great students and/or citizens of our country.

The Philippine revolution led by Andres Bonifacio was fueled by the writings of Jose Rizal, the Noli Me Tangere and El Filibusterismo, which made a more lasting impression. This is one of the best arguments of those who believe that Rizal is rightfully the national hero. Rizal was truly an inspiration to many Filipinos during the Spanish period. According to the historian Rafael Palma, Rizal was more deserving of the national hero title. Rizal was even thought to have suggested that Antonio Luna lead the revolutionary forces since Luna has studied military science which was a brilliant idea to lessen casualties against the powerhouse Spanish militia. Rizal believed that only an army that was well prepared and had enough arms would ensure victory .

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