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Topics: Legend, Lesson plan, Urban legend Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: August 15, 2010
“Urban Legend” by James M. Henslin is about moral lessons that can be learned from the stories people have passed on throughout the years. James M. Henslin’s essay talks about how there are hidden messages within these stories in which he considers them to be “morality stories” or stories that are intended to teach a lesson. He goes on to talk about how some of the stories share common lessons while each one teaches its own. Some people wouldn’t realize this just by reading the story by itself which is why he goes on to explain the hidden lessons within each “urban legend”.

After reading this passage I realized how valuable it is to analyze and breakdown everything you read in order to get a better understanding of it. But more importantly I learned that it’s important to ask myself questions before and after reading to help me understand what I’m reading. I never really thought about looking deeper into to “urban legends” or things that I read just simply because of the fact that I’d usually read it for entertainment or an assignment. Sometimes we take things for granted, both big and small. These moral lessons, to some, would be something small due to the fact that we already know about the lessons taught within them based off of common knowledge or information learned in school. Henslin ended up turning what most would consider to be a story used for entertainment into somewhat of a knowledge bearing lesson, making light of useful tips to keep us informed. All in all, the best way to avoid learning these lessons the hard way is by following and obeying the traditional roles taught at home
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