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Topics: Stephenie Meyer, Young-adult fiction, Twilight Pages: 2 (353 words) Published: June 26, 2008
Seventeen year old Bella moves from sunny Phoenix to rainy Forks, Washington, but the new school is the least of her troubles. She soon finds herself attracted to a mysterious boy who seems to be infuriated by her mere presence. Soon, however, the truth comes out and the two become inseparable. Bella never dreamed she'd fall in love, let alone with a vampire named Edward. Throughout the novel, he fights to save her, from himself and from others.

Those who will enjoy this novel most are teens and adults looking for a good fantasy and adolescent romance. This is the novel that took Harry Potter's place on the best seller's list. The world of magic and wizards may very well be replaced with the world of vampires created by Stephenie Meyer in her Twilight Saga.

In this first novel of the trilogy, named after the saga, the world of vampires is introduced. I personally enjoyed the fantasy elements and the world of vampires. Meyer creates a few new ideas around the myth of the vampire that stray from the traditional.

My only problem was with the pacing of the novel. I waited through the entire thing for something to happen. The first 500 pages or so is a nearly day-to-day account of Bella's teenage life, and that got a bit repetitive and boring to me. The last 50 pages, though, were intense and suspenseful.

Yet when I finished reading "Twilight," I wanted to continue on to the next in the series. The end of the novel made me want to continue reading to find out what happens with the characters I came to know well in the first novel.

I think fans of Young Adult novels or adolescent romances will enjoy this, particularly if they like a bit of fantasy. Meyer manages to create a fantastical world in a very real way. It's a YA novel first, and a fantasy second.

If you're a fan of adult romance, you may find yourself disappointed by this novel. The characters are teenagers (the human ones, anyway), so the romance is more one of discovery and first kisses.
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