Topics: Money, Money supply, Central bank Pages: 2 (485 words) Published: November 16, 2014

The documentary film is divided in to four parts and introduced by quotation from the famous scholars. The first part is all about money. The video shows that money is the lifeblood of everything. Money is equal to debt, if there are no debts, there are no money. It also explains the monetary system and policies in USA over the fractional reserve banking system. The part one gives detail about how is money created as an exchange between the government and the central bank that generates a continuous cycle of interest and inflation, which summarizes that money and debt are certainly associated and growing. In the second part of the film, John Perkins author of Confession of an Economic Hitman, said that Iran, Ecuador, Panama, Venezuela, Iraq economies by multinational company including USA government’s involvement in the rebellion of the people and takeover of presidents and various head of states, where he was tasked with cheating governments out of money and funneling cash from the funds of the World Bank into the hands of major corporations and wealthy leaders. The cause of unethical work of leaders is the increase rate in poverty, underemployment, public debt and the budget which is allocated. The third part presents Jacque Fresco and Venus Project and states a need to move away from the existing socioeconomic patterns. Fresco stated that free market system and capitalism do not promote productivity and efficiency, wealth or in development of the people, instead encourage suboptimal technological development in order to sustain repeated consumption, put interest of people second monetary gain and involve in the production of pollution, as well as other forms of environmental deprivation of lower operating costs. The last part explores the idea that all main social problems are ultimately the result of wide scale unawareness regarding two concepts of emergence and cooperation where an ignorance maintained by political,...
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