Topics: Gwen Stefani, Intelligence, A Story Pages: 1 (328 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Engana, Mary Gwen Stefani D. IA12117 Aug. 23 2013 Prof. Domingo Barcarse

Reaction Paper
We all have individual differences, as well as Ishaan in the movie that has dyslexia. He is a person that just cannot seem to get anything right in class but are more interested in his surrounding like in arts, animals and playing games. Though he cannot cope up easily with his class, he has a talent that anybody can’t have. As a future teacher, do not dismiss a person because they are not performing at the same level as everyone else. As we all know, every child has individual differences. Look for the underlying cause and work for it. Dismissal of Ishaan could have caused him to become much worse and he might have ended up being a drop-out. However, with a little dedication and some individual sttention, he was able to strive hard and his above average intelligence showed. He was able to express himself through his paintings which were very nature for his age. Sometimes what a person can offer to the world is not mainstream or one of the major interest areas such as science or mathematics. Encouragement should be given where children excel, though it may be art or another. As the movie continues, I see how Ram Shankar Nikumbh, made a way on how he will be able to help Ishaan find himself. We can also use that method to be make our learner improves, and put our whole heart to take care to them, to give them the attention they needed and let them find their selves. As a future teacher, we should also know the strategy and technique to make our students to become independent. We should also get the support and extra guidance that they need. In this story, every person will cry, even when you are deaf and you only have a subtitle. It’s a story that can affect everyone who watched it.
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