Topics: Education, School, Teacher Pages: 4 (1202 words) Published: August 23, 2013
Rhea Tafalla-Cuzon Administration & Supervision Mr. Rey Balibago MAED August 17, 2013
Fundamental Principles of Administration & Supervision

Last August 4, 2013 there were two reporters, Ms. Jacob & Ms. Bicay. Our first topic was the principles of administration & supervision. For me school administration and supervision are intimately related. The school cannot perform its maximum role in the development of the individual in its attendance if schools are not effectively managed. That is why we have these two department. Administration is said to be about planning, directing, organizing and controlling human material or resources in an educational setting. So we can say that administration is about the integration of school personnel like the members of the staff, the students and their parents and of utilising appropriate materials, like the school plant, school property, etc., in such a way as to promote effectively the development of human qualities.. It is concerned with the growth of the pupils and the school personnel. It also represents the whole of the education system, emphasizes authority and decides, direct and orders the execution of educational programs. If the administrator shows concern in the motivation of teachers to stabilize their career pattern in schoolwork, the rapid turnover of the individual teacher can be obtained. However, if the administrator fails to provide a wholesome working condition and develop “know-how” of self satisfaction in teachers, there is a low morale in the teaching staff.

For me supervision has several meanings. People interpret its meaning according to their "past experiences, their needs and purposes Super-vision for supervisor is a "positive force for programme improvement, for a teacher it is either a threat to his individuality or an assistance and support to his profession. Teacher's feelings about supervision differ because of various ways in which supervisions have interpreted...
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