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Filipino people are religious human being. We usually seek for guidance from our Lord in every decision we will made so in relation to that our teacher decided to have a speaker that can motivate us spiritually, emotionally and to enlighten us by a word of god.

Fr. Joel Eslabra was the 1st invited speaker. He is a priest who is willing to share the word of God and also can give us inspiration. Fr. Joel starts his discussion with an inspirational lecture about the word of god presented in a PowerPoint. The PowerPoint is very captivating which give me more reason to listen attentively to him. He delivers his discussion in a little funny and intelligent way that’s why I really enjoy his discussion. Videos or clips where also shown to us by Fr. Joel. These where videos about the proper speaking or talking, to be respectful, have faith and giving trust to god. He also told us some story about a mountain climber who climb in the mountain in the middle of the night and fell off the clip. The mountain climber seeks for help to god and god answer that he must let go. The mountain climber did not obey god but instead he continue hanging on. Morning came the mountain climber found out that he is inches away from the ground. The story taught us a lesson that even though we believe in god; we didn’t give all trust to him.

Father Joel does not teach us but also he made us enjoy and make us believe that god will always be our side. Believing to god is not enough as father has said but we must also trust and have faith to him no matter what happen. As a whole, I really enjoy and I have learned a lot from Fr. Joel. I was really thankful that he was one of our speaker.


A student who graduated in Bachelor of Science in Information Technology was expected to have a work in a Technology related company but nowadays the most common work of these graduates is to be a call center agent. There are many Call Center Company here in Iloilo so as...
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