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Today's workforce is diverse and has multiple conflicting priorities. As a nurse leader, you would like to see your hospital implement an outreach program that will benefit needy members of the community. What are some methodologies of communication you would use to develop a shared vision with your stakeholders? How would you apply strategic management to make your visions for the outreach program become reality?

Fundamental and vital to all healthcare leadership functions, communication is a means of transmitting information and making oneself understood by another or others. Communication is a major challenge for leaders because they are responsible for providing information, which results in efficient and effective performance in organizations There are so many methods such as meeting, conference calls and Newsletters/ Email/ Posters that nurse leader can use to communicate with stakeholders for sharing the vision Stakeholders can be shareholders, primary customers, and employees who have interest in the company. .For sharing the vision with the stakeholders, I would use written method to make the effective communication with stakeholders because it would help me to share my thoughts related to the benefits of community members for their need. This methodology includes the full description that would facilitate me to present the complete report in front of stakeholders about the benefits of outreach program for the people of the community. There are a wide range of tools that can be used for outreach program and implementation of strategic management. Strategic management is defined as the process by which managers of the firm analyze the internal and external environments for the purpose of formulating strategies and allocating resources to develop a competitive advantage in an industry that allows for the successful achievement of organizational goals. It is the direction of an organization and the way the organization has to take in order to get to...
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