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Topics: Finance, Risk, Investment Pages: 3 (724 words) Published: April 16, 2013
Watercooler Activity
The watercooler has become a symbol in business life. It, or any common gathering place in an office slightly removed from the cubicles and desks, is a place to share information, both casual and vital, and to build networks with colleagues you don't necessarily see or interact with every day. The Watercooler activities throughout this course and program will help you get into the practice of looking beyond your metaphorical cubicle to seek out topical news stories and ideas and analyze them with your instructor and colleagues. Familiarity with current trends, topics, and events is an important element of your participation and success in the business world. For each Watercooler Activity, you will research current online journals to select an article of interest for this course. Using the following Watercooler template, write a brief synopsis, and place it in the Dropbox by Day 2 of the week in which it is due. The instructor will select one article from all of the class submissions and assign that article for the Discussion for that week. The Watercooler Rubric is found under Course Info. Look for full-text articles that are at least five pages long. Recommended keywords include: finance; financial studies; corporate finance; financial economics; international finance; global finance; investment; rate of return; capital budget; retained earnings; valuation; interest rate; and risk.

Walden University Library Business Journals and Publications * Business Week
* Finance and Development: IMF
* Financial Accountability and Management
* Financial Analysts Journal
* Financial Management
* Financial Markets, Institutions, and Instruments
* The Financial Review
* Finweek (previously Financial Week)
* Forbes
* Fortune
* Global Finance Journal
* International Finance
* International Review of Economics and Finance
* Journal of Applied Corporate Finance
* The...
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