Re-Entry Application for Kaplan

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Kaplan Re-Entry Essay

Kaplan University

Pablo E. Leal Academic Re-Entry Advisor

Adiel Gouldson

Kaplan Re-Entry 2

For me, education is paramount. It is my source of survival. Education is very important you need education to get a better job, or even to open your own company. Kaplan University is a way for me to support my family and reach my goals by obtaining a Master’s Degree in Management. It is important for me to return to Kaplan because I know that this is the school that will help me propel myself into my next level in order to organize my life. I am a single mother of two extraordinary young boys. I love my boys and I want lead them by example. They need to know the importance of a college education, which I can provide for them if I myself am stable and in a good job. I am currently underemployed and barely able to survive because of my lack of skill and a master’s degree will show the skill that I need in order to obtain and maintain substantial gainful employment to support my boys and lead them into educational endeavors to better their lives.

I left Kaplan because I had a painful and debilitating high risk pregnancy which left me bedridden with pre-eclampsia at risk for a stroke. Due to the fact that I couldn’t work I was unable to purchase the equipment a 4G computer with a cd rom in order to complete the visual basic programming. At this point I was going through a tumultuous time in my personal life.

I now have a 4G computer with a cd rom and after further research, I would like to enter the Masters of IT School with a specialization in Information Security and Assurance. This is an important field with the increase of identity and intellectual property theft. I believe that I can add to the industry with the proper education. I would like to return to Kaplan now that I have had my baby and really earn my diploma which I know that I can do. I plan on having a daily regimen for Kaplan and completing my homework...
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