Re Companies at Fault? or Is It the Lack of Personal Responsibility?

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Food Pages: 4 (1315 words) Published: December 7, 2010
Are Companies At Fault? Or Is It The lack Of Personal Responsibility?

How does one become fat? Is it the lack of responsibility of one's actions to make healthy food choices, the lack of knowledge to know if something is healthy or unhealthy for your body, or television hypnotizing the viewer into buying an unhealthy product? According to surgeon general, obesity has become a health epidemic that needs to be controlled and prevented. Almost a third of America's population is obese and growing. Obesity is also now a wide spread topic that has caught the attention of journalists and health activists. Writers all over America have an opinion on the obesity epidemic such as Radley Balko who wrote the article "What You Eat Is Your Business."

Is obesity a medical condition or a consequence of a person's food choice? In Balko's article, he argues that the government is attempting to control what Americans consume and that obesity is caused by poor food choices. He tells us that the government is removing junk food and sodas from school vending machines, wanting more labeling (such as warning labels), and restricting food marketing to children. "In other words, bringing government between your waist line" (158). Balko speaks the government is fighting obesity the wrong way by removal of the vending machine snacks, taxing more on higher calorie foods, and having restaurants send their food creations into a nutritional lab to be tested. He thinks the right way to defeat and handle obesity is to give the people a choice to want to be obese or improve your physical self. "... Government ought to be working to foster a sense of responsibility in and ownership of one's own health and well-being" (158). Balko tells us that "the best way to alleviate the obesity public health crisis is to remove obesity from the realm of public health" (159). Balko thinks that Americans need to be able to choose healthy on their own without the government's interference. If America is...
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