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Re-Organization and Layoff: Solutions Paper
Week 4, Team C Assignment
PHL/320 Aug. 03, 2015
Oni Boston

Re-Organization and Layoff: Solutions Paper

A solution is a means of solving a problem or dealing with a difficult situation. (Dictionary). Identifying solutions for a business or company is imperative for its success. In week four team reading, Team C brought their ideas together and solutions for identified problem, mismanaged layoffs can go 'horribly wrong" is result of the lack of proper and well-managed policy around employee layoffs as related to article titles "Mismanaged layoffs can go 'horribly wrong". This paper will provide in detail two creative solutions proposed by team C to resolve the problem, methods utilized to develop two creative solutions and other alternatives to laying off, and how the team overcame obstacles to deciding on the solutions The method Team C utilized to develop the two creative solutions of finding other alternatives to laying off an employee first before having to terminate and/or requiring quarterly training for all managers and supervisors on the subject of laying off employees in a respectful manner was extensive research and development on the subject of laying off and how it effects an organization as a whole. During the R&D investigation it was discovered that there are better results for both the organization and employees if other alternatives to laying off are first considered. Alternatives to laying off can be actions such as asking for ideas from employees, cutting out the extras such as bonuses or overtime, and offering extra days of unpaid leave or instituting shorter work weeks. If these kinds of actions are absolutely out of the question and employees have to be laid off it is essential that the process of laying off employees is done in a courteous and gracious manner. To ensure managers and supervisors are equip to handle such corporate issues as these the R&D investigation determined that quarterly training on the subject of laying off should is essential to the success of an organization.

Methods used to organize the creative solution
Creative Solutions to assist in managing layoffs are created in different manners while coming to the same conclusion to complete this task in the most cost-effective way possible. When using a creative method one much extract ideas from both mid and lower level management and present them to upper management. The upper level supervisors of the corporate ladder will not always know how to best handle different situation that occur at the lower levels of management. Some of the other creative solution would be to look at the overall condition of the company and see in what other areas cost could be cut, oppose to reducing the amount of employees the company holds. Terminating employees is not the best way to handle things in many cases, because when the market changes and business is back in the black, the company may have to deal with a deficit of employees. It would cost the company more money to bring employees back after letting them go. Cutting staff may seem like the obvious solution at the time, but in most cases, it is just a quick fix. Doing this is not a long term or permanent solution to the financial issues the business may be facing.
Mismanaged Layoffs can go horribly wrong
When an employee works for a certain company, they never expect to be laid off or even terminated. When this happens, managers need a solution into place before even thinking about laying off an employee, one could be each individual be talked to separately, explain to them process and what is in the works and how they will be taken care off when they are laid off or even terminated.

Each employee should be given a severance package with an insurance type benefit that will take care of them and their family if they have a family....
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