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Topics: Electric motor, Remote control, Model aircraft Pages: 3 (580 words) Published: August 31, 2011
Remote Controlled Mini Air Vehicle

Design, Build and Fly

What is a MAV???
1. MAV is basically a much smaller prototype of an actual aircraft and hence its dynamics are much different and tougher to understand. 2. There are 3 degrees of freedom for a MAV: roll, pitch and yaw. 3. To achieve these motions, there are three control surfaces: ailerons, elevators and rudder.


Forces on a MAV

Realize the problem statement

Decide the dimensions of the MAV

Select the components according to the problem statement and the weight of the MAV

Get it flown by some one who knows flying.

Integrate all the parts with best possible precision and test the motors.

Steps to make a MAV
Choose Material for body : 1. Balsa‐Soft and light Easy to work on Available in strips Most widely used in aero modeling 2. Thermocole / Foam‐ Choose High Density Thermocole (HDT), Foam Very light Needs Reinforcement Source: 1. Balsa in India Hobby Centre, Lamington Road 2.Foam in Abdul Latif Habib Bhai Shop, Crawford Market, CST.

Get a Brushless Motor to power your MAV and a speed Controller

Motor Controllers upto 140A

Fixed Pitch 2.5 cm to 65 cm 50 gm to 15kg aircraft

Variable Pitch For small motors For reverse flying



Power Source

Remote Controller

Cost of the components involved: 1. Receiver: 1800 Rs. 2. Servos: 425Rs. each 3. Remote: 3500 Rs. 4. Motor Combo (includes a motor, speed controller and 1 propeller): 1300 Rs. 5. LiPo battery: 600 Rs. 6. Propellers: 95Rs. Each Total cost involved (without the RC system and the propellers): Rs.3175 Foam costs around 120Rs. Per sheet. Source: 1. Online but the costs will become 1.5 times due to shipping charges. 2. Mr. Sai from Chennai. (His son had won the last year’s Techfest’s powered glider event.)

Some IMORTANT Tips!!!!
1. Always start off with designing the MAV on paper and show it to a professor/senior before starting off...
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