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As we all know that Coca-Cola, Sprite, Pepsi are very famous drinks all over the world as well as Bangladesh. We can’t find single person who doesn’t like soft drinks. Mainly our young generation preferred to drinks. Now days there are many soft drinks company are coming continuously like Euro-Cola, RC Cola etc. Most of them are tastes are quite similar. Popularity of RC Cola is rapidly increasing day by day. In a small town, city even in villages RC Cola is available. RC Cola has taken a very strong place in people’s heart within very short time. One of the reasons is its price and another reason is its taste. The first line of beverages was named ‘Royal Crown’ and the first Cola was called Chero-Cola.

Activities of the Management:
Different activities of the management in RC Company Ltd. are given below:

The overall planning approach in RC Company Ltd. is top-down. The seven members of the Board of Directors are responsible for the strategic planning and overall policy guidelines of the Company. Mainly the top level management plans al the long term and short term planning.

● Expansions of its products and sales are the long range planning. How can expand its products, sales and how it will be financed to earn more profit are its long term planning.
* The lower level management of RC Company Ltd. makes short term plans. The management makes the plans of daily activities of the Company. Today or tomorrow’s work schedule making is the part of short term planning of RC Company Ltd.

Planning of the management of RC Company Ltd. establishes the goals of the company and how they are to be achieved. Organizing develops the structure to reach these goals. The CEO, Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director and Head of Factory are responsible for achieving business goals and overseeing the day to day operation.

The CEO and Managing Director of the Company are assisted by a senior Management Group consisting of Deputy Managing Director and Head of Factory centrally and co-ordinates operations of offices. Management of RC Company Ltd. also trains their labors, so that they can get better performances from their labors.

Through the planning the management of RC Company Ltd. builds climate, provides leadership and arranges the opportunity for motivation. Manager of the factory and offices plans and oversees the work of each of his or her sub-ordinates. Directing is aimed at getting the members of the Company to move in the direction that will achieve Company’s objectives.

The management approach in RC Company Ltd. is authoritative. Tasks are designed in such a way that one cannot leave without completing it as he is assigned for a day. Sitting arrangement in the factory and all offices is done in a way that the superior can monitor the sub-ordinates all the time. Budgeting, rewarding, punishing etc. are also practiced as control mechanism.

Product planning:

* RC Company designs the product according to the USA brand.

* Import the raw materials from USA.

* Assess the need of the market.

* They assess the product cost and the price of the product in the market.

* Import the machineries from USA.

* They follow the production method of the foreign product.

Production Method and Design:
Most of the flavors of RC Cola are as concentrates, which are rigorously analyzed toensure the quality specifications. Each concentrate lot is coded and packaged, thenshipped on for the next step - the addition of sweetener and water to the concentratesto produce syrups for cola.The quality standards are very high. Mixing tanks must be of a specified grade of stainless steel. The entire syrup manufacturing system must employ hot sanitation. Precise control over water and sweetener components must be demonstrated. And,quality control professionals must oversee each step of the process....
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