Razors Edge

Topics: World War I, Lost Generation, Generation Pages: 2 (423 words) Published: December 16, 2010
Stoddard 1
Wyett Stoddard
British literature
Mrs. Rydjeski
28 September 2010
The Razors Edge Paragraph
In the novel, The Razors Edge, Larry Darrel and Sophie McDonald are characters that both manifest characteristics of the “Lost Generation” because the war has alienated many at this point in time. Larry a war, WW1 veteran, had witnessed his best friend die in war and upon return his family and friends saw how traumatized he was. After the war, Larry had postponed his engagement with his fiancé, Isabel, and instead wanted to “loaf” for two years in France. This is the point at which Larry had begun to question his faith in God, why his best friend had to die, and was in search of questions about the universe. In this era many people like Larry had begun to do the same. It seems to be pretty clear that Larry was looking for answers about God, “but it may be that at the end of it he’ll find what he’s looking for. Hasn’t it occurred to you? It seems to me that in what he said to you he indicated it pretty plainly, God.(Maugham 71) ” Larry like many people in that decade had tried seeking for answers about why God had let the war happen, “he’s been seeking for a philosophy or maybe a religion and a rule of life that’ll both satisfy his head and his heart.(Maugham 209)” Another key character in the book that showed a feature of “The Lost Generation” was Sophie McDonald. Sophie was a very nice woman who enjoyed poetry, wanted to help others, and loved her family who died in a car accident. After that she was devastated and was scarred for the rest of her life,”She nearly Stoddard 2

went crazy, she shrieked the place down, they had to watch her day and night and once she nearly succeeded in jumping out of the window(Maugham 195)”. A lot of people also were damaged like her but the damage was caused by the war. Sophie was a drunk and a loner and because she chose to go down that path nobody wanted to be around her, “; if you asked her to dine she’d arrive...
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