Raymond Carver

Topics: Short story, Anton Chekhov, Minimalism Pages: 4 (1376 words) Published: September 2, 2013
Analysis of ”Why, Honey?”
”Why, honey? (…) Kneel is what I say, kneel down is what I say.” This is how a man, who wants to control another human sounds; a man who is trying to exert some power and control over his fellow human beings. The reasons for this lust for power could be many, and some of them are mentioned in the short story “Why, honey?” The story “Why, honey?” is written by Raymond Carver in 1976. It’s a short story written in a letter format, which means it has a 1st person narrator. This format makes it possible for Mr. Carver to confuse the reader, because the reader is unsure of whom the letter is addressed to. All we know is that the letter is given the view point of a mother writing about her son and how she lives in fear of him. The story is situated in realistic American environment in what could be the present, because of the modern things mentioned such as the TV and the phone. Carver’s writing style is to make the story complicated and simple at the same time; the so-called minimalism. An example could be when the mother finds a bloody t-shirt in the trunk of her son’s car. The mother doesn’t like it, but the son says: “I forgot to tell you (…) I had a bloody nose.” Not every detail is mentioned in that event or any other event, so the understanding of some of the story is up to the reader's own imagination. Either is the son telling the truth or he could perhaps have committed a crime. After reading the story this makes the reader puzzled, because the reader doesn’t know whether the son is guilty or innocent. The main character is the writer of the letter; an unnamed mother, who fears for her life. She isn’t described in the story, but instead she describes her son, who also is a very important character. She describes in details her son’s doings in the weeks before his disappearance from her life. This might in fact suggest that the events have been impressed on her memory and still haunt her, because she seems able to remember the...
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