Raymond Carver's Short Stories

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Raymond Carver’s Short Stories

In reading both stories “Mine” and “Little Things” and another which is basically the same as the second story “Little Things” but with a different name “Popular Mechanics”. “Mind was written in 1977, “Popular Mechanics” which was rewritten in 1981, and finally Mr. Carver retitled the story as “Little Things”. The original story was rewritten with subtle small changes and it changed the direction in which the reader focuses his attention. All of these small changes to me make the newer “Little Things” a better version than the first one “Mine”.

These stories seems to bring out Mr. Carvers past experiences in his failed marriage, where romance is now in the past and the couple’s relationship is rapidly coming to a end. He brings about the setting of the time as the end winter or very early spring when he describes the snow melting and the water running off to make everything dirty. He describes that the time of day must be around dusk as it is getting dark outside and also inside.

Most parts of both stories are identical. “Mine” and “Little Things” both have the same persons, same settings, and basically the same timeframe. The persons are a man, a woman, and also their baby. The relationship is coming to an end as the man is packing his clothing into his suitcase and getting ready to leave. Then an argument takes place on who will get the baby.

There are major differences in both these stories, one thing that I had noticed is that Mr. Carver made the relationship between the man and the woman seem more colder and their arguments more intense over the baby in “Mine”. One such example comes when the woman said you’re hurting him and he does not talk again which gives the expression that the man does not care if the baby is hurt, Mr. Carver emphasizes twice that he pulled back on the baby as the woman is trying to take him away from the man. An example of the argument being more intense is the wording to when...

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The story appeared as “Mine” in Furious Seasons And Other Stories Capra Press, 1977 and as “Popular Mechanics” in What We Talk About When We Talk About Love Knopf, 1981.
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