Ray Rice's Amazing Story

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Ray Rice's Amazing Story





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By Zachary Beard on May 20, 9:24a

I didn't write this, but this is an article from "BaltimoreRavens.com." This really is one of the most feel-good stories I've seen in a while. I thank you Ryan Mink for writing this incredible story. But enough of my blabbering, here's the story: His Childhood:

Ray Rice was a child when his mother, Janet Rice, told him he was the man of the house. She didn't tell him in jest, like maybe you've heard when your father leaves for a business trip. Janet was serious. Ray's father was gunned down in a drive-by shooting when he was 1 year old. Ten years later, his caretaking cousin and father figure died in a car crash. (Read more of Rice's Story After the "Jump"...)

The Rice family was living on public assistance in an apartment in New Rochelle, N.Y., in a part of the projects called "The Hollow." It wasn't where you heard gun shots at night. That was just on the other side of town. So when Ray was dubbed the man of the house, he took his newfound duty seriously. And he hasn't relented in that duty to this day. When he was 8 years old, Ray swept up hair in a barbershop for dollar tips. He worked in a catering hall washing dishes and when he was 15 he took a job as a summer camp counselor. Janet remembers one day when he came home with $150 at the end of a work week. He took the cash out of his pocket and gave it to his mother. It was his contribution. "He was so proud," Janet remembers. "Ray stepped into some big shoes at a very early age. He was a man before he was a boy." LOSING TWO FATHERS

Slowly, Ray has learned more and more about his father, Calvin Reed. Janet has a color snapshot, which serves as the only means by which Ray knows what his father looked like. There are stories in which he has learned that he was a respectable man with a respectable job. These things are comforting to...
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