Ray Allen Research Paper

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Valencia Bowie
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26 April 20013

The name Ray Allen carries influence and speaks volume. Ray Allen should be awarded the most valuable player award for when he matched and broke the three-pointer record for NBA basketball and also for having his own foundation. Ray Allen is paving the way for young men and women. Walter Ray Allen was born July 20, 1975(www.kidzworld.com). He attended Hillcrest High School in South Carolina (www.kidzworld.com). He went to college at the University of Connecticut and was drafted by the Minnesota Timber wolves with the 5th pick of the 1996 NBA draft (www.kidzworld.com). Immediately after his selection he was traded to the Milwaukee Bucks and drafted first pick (www.kidzworld.com).
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Ray Allen Matched and Eclipsed Reggie Miller’s NBA record of 2,560 career three pointers (www.boston.cbslocal.com). Ray Allen spends time in the gym practicing his shots and functioning hard to be the superlative at what he does. That’s what form of a male role model every young man even young girls desire in their life, someone who doesn’t refrain from what they want to do in life and keeps on pushing and practicing. Ray Allen is so inspirational at what he does athletically. Breaking any type of record of a professional is something kids dream of but never think it will turn into a reality. Ray Allen is the ideal example to all children, teenagers, and even adults that you can turn your imaginings into reality with hard work, because it pays off. Ray Allen is not only a prodigious male figure to kids all around the world, but a prodigious father figure to his children. “Somebody told me, ‘This is your moment, enjoy it’. And I’m sitting there thinking I’ve never really had a moment that’s mine,” (www.boston.cbslocal.com). Reggie Millers was also at the game February 10, 2011 when Ray Allen broke his three pointer record. “I’m just so happy for him, because this is one of the best guys, he’s so humble, he’s so giving, and he’s a great family man and I’m so …show more content…
It was founded in 1997, the Ray of Hope foundation helps with sports related and community based on programs and provides avenues of opportunity so the youth can hope to realize their full prospective (www.thegoodinsports.com). Ray Allen is far from your average guy, he doesn’t get fixed up in the reputation and wealth, he essentially cares about people. He’s not just taking heed of his family, but he’s taking care of millions of kids across the world and not just giving back but in fact getting to know them and help them see and reach their full potential as to where they can go in life. Ray of Hope foundation provides children with safe and productive activities, helping with building self esteem and being a positive role model (www.thegoodinsports.com). Allen and the organization have helped raise over 500,000 dollars which assisted many organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club of Boston and Connecticut public schools

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