Rats vs Roaches

Topics: Rat, Cockroach, Insect Pages: 2 (641 words) Published: December 18, 2006
Rats vs. Cockroaches

The common rat or Rattus colletti and the giant cockroach or Blaberus gigantous have plagued the man since the dawn of time. With their ability to freak out even the bravest champions of our society they have become a serious problem to human society, but what would happen if these two creatures were forced to face off in a battle to the death?

Cockroaches, in my opinion, are nature's version of the new VW Beetle, ugly as sin yet built like a tank. What other living organism can be stomped on, thrown into a lake and then bombed by a nuclear war head and come out kicking… that's right not many. They posses and exoskeleton like most bugs of their kind and it provides a highly protective shield against attacks. Cockroaches also communicate with each other and leave little tips as to where the other cockroaches in their colony can find the proper nourishment much like ants do so they are not quite as dumb as researchers once believed. They also reproduce at an astonishing rate. A female cockroach can lay up to 8 egg cases per year and each egg case can carry around 40 little roach eggs… that means 320 new little roaches each year per female roach. So say you have one pair of roaches at the beginning of the year and each egg laid by that roach makes 20 male and 20 female. In one year that pair could Adam and Eve style create roughly 2,170,227,231,021,120 new baby roaches in any given year and considering that roaches can live up to five years that is quite the impressive standing army. It has also been found that roaches can live up to one month without their head. As for offensive capabilities they only really posses two, the ability to fly which can mean fast aerial strikes against the rats and they can bite things.

Rats on the other hand are more of the sneaky sort. They may not able to withstand the nuclear weapons or the lack of head that the cockroach can take but they have their own secret weapons. As far as the...
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