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There was an apartment in the heart of a desolate island. The grim and gloomy building was the worst she'd ever seen; it was rather like a colossal abandoned dungeon unlike a glamorous place to live in. The salvaged, antique doors and windows were enshrouded with a solid layer of grime, which looked as if it had been untouched for centuries. The shrivelling trees lamented the imminent, tragic demise of their dominating, sovereign rulers (THE GNAW OF RATS!!!). The walls unveiled a filthy, damp odor. The windows of the "Volatile house" looked back at her like the lustrous, piercing eyes of a devious soul, along with the gigantic door at the pathway leading to the "house" that seemed to give her the image it was an entrance to hell. The moonlight had formed a ghoulish shadow on the dilapidated, vulnerable building.

A gnaw of rats had dwelt in the rear partition of the hideous, ancient building.
The reclusive rats, had decided that they had adequate trouble of dwelling in a human world, because the humans were trying to push them into extinction. The troop of rats, were assembled in order to discuss a sanction for the abominable humans.

Ratus, the ruler of the rats said “ We must take action, and make them bear immense anguish, so that we can hinder the viscous humans from doing this ever again”.
"YES!!!" , the excited rats screeched with laughter.
Ratus said, " We need to conceal ourselves so that we'll be unseen to the humans, otherwise they'll kill us! but... too prevent this from happening, we need to hide ourselves in mysterious locations such as in the sewage"

Therefore, the irate gnaw of rats had privy and plotted to challenge the humans in return by spreading an unbearable, sporadic plague called "THE BLACK DEATH!”

Firstly, they had instigated to travel around the globe, by hiding in ships. Then they hid themselves in mysterious places: inside sewage, holes and in drainage; so that they'd

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