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Topics: Food, Eating, World population, Black Death, Infectious disease, Famine / Pages: 2 (326 words) / Published: Jan 28th, 2014
Wouldn’t you love the peace of mind knowing there weren’t rats lurking in your walls? Rats create many problems in the world and I believe we should eliminate all rats. One reason rats need to be eliminated is they spread diseases. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control) rats spread hemmoragic fever, Lassa fever, Leptospinosis, and many more. Having rats running around infected with possibly fatal diseases is far too dangerous. To emphasize the deadly effect rats have, we can look at the Black Plague, in which millions of people were killed by a disease rats spread. In addition rats damage many houses and buildings. Damage caused by rats adds up to millions of dollars every year. Rats can easily chew through cinderblock and wood, making few buildings unprotected. The upkeep prices of a house are far too expensive alone, added rat damage bills are simply not needed. Furthermore, rats could very easily overpopulate. Overpopulation of rats will hurt food webs, spread even more disease and cause even more structure damage. A mating pair of rats can have five litters of seven to fifteen pups a year, with the pups becoming fertile at five weeks of age. In a vacuum environment a pair of rats could theoretically produce thousands to millions of descendants in a single year. One may think rats can be helpful because they can be eaten, but they also eat a large portion of human food. Rats are constantly at war with people because we eat the same food, they eat one-fifth to one-third of the world’s human food supply. Personally I think with people starving in the world we cannot have rats eating our food. To sum up rats may provide a few advantages but the number of disadvantages will triumph. To repeat, rats need to be exterminated.
Citations: Marrin, Albert. Oh Rats! New York Penguin Group 2006

Citations: Marrin, Albert. Oh Rats! New York Penguin Group 2006

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