Rationale of Scheme of Work

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Rationale of Scheme of Work
The Hammond is a full time vocational training centre and offer courses in Musical Theatre (MT) or Dance (D). Both courses require ballet training, 5 times (D course) or 4 times (MT course) a week. The ballet training is split into 3 groups(A,B and C) depending on different levels of ballet. The students are assessed to determine which group they go into in their two week induction course at the beginning of term. This scheme of work has been designed for level C group in ballet. Before starting in September some students that have been assessed into group C have had a little amount of prior ballet training and others none at all. Likewise, some students had done some kind of dance training and again some none what so ever. Those that have had no prior dance or ballet training have benefited from individual one to one training in support of the scheme of work. All of the students in group C this year are on the MT course and therefore their course requires three equal parts to their training Acting, Vocal and Dance. The scheme of work that I have developed has a clear guidance on what movement content needs to be taught and in how many counts. The students are working at a basic level using mainly observation and explanation as preferred learning styles. The SOW is designed to take the student right back to basics so all previous none beneficial training can be erased and our methods of teaching and styles can be introduced and developed. This can be hard as some students that have had previous knowledge of ballet may struggle to be open to changing what they have been taught before commencing their full time training. “Any genuine teaching will result, if successful, in someone's knowing how to bring about a better condition of things than existed earlier.” John Dewey. The SOW is good as it builds up or reaffirms the knowledge of the student and only when the students understand in their brains can the movement then be fully...

References: Creative quotations for brainstorming and lateral thinking http://www.brainstorming.co.uk
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