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Design Rational


Analysing my research I found the difference between MOSCHINO, Love MOSCHINO (MOSCHINO brand have changed the name of its youth line, MOSCHINO Jeans, established in 1987 for Love MOSCHINO) and MOSCHINO Cheap and Chic. The MOSCHINO, LOVE MOSCHINO and MOSCHINO Cheap&Chic have different prices, competitors and consumers, but what they have in common is Franco Moschino, which considered himself a communicator and once he told-"Fashion should be fun and it should send a message". He combined clothes and accessories with graphics-happy faces, hearts and messages. These ideas are now reflected in the main collections of MOSCHINO, LOVE MOSCHINO and MOSCHINO Cheap&Chic. First of all I decided on which line attracted me the most MOSCHINO, LOVE MOSCINO or MOSCHINO Cheap&Chic. After some research I found MOSCHINO Cheap and Chic to be more of my interest, then other two.

Brand Values

MOSCHINO Cheap&Chic is believed to be fun and create positive feelings by mixing strong and delicate colours, such us irradiant purple and fragile white, with distinctive humour and irony. With creative direction by Rossella Jardini MOSCHINO Cheap&Chic line is enriched by new products which can maintain the MOSCHINO brand values, such as originality, quality, research and innovation.


First of all, I would like to keep Brand Values.
However I would change range of the products by diversifying it. And finally I would change the price of the clothes by little.


Some people think that MOSCHINO Cheap&Chic one of Franco Moschino's jokes, because the collections are chic but the average price of a suit- 360pounds-is only cheap in relation to MOSCHINO Couturel, where you could expect to pay 700-1000pounds for a suit. That was the reason I thought about the price. I decided to change the price only for one, but the most popular (and the most expensive), type of product from MOSCHINO Cheap&Chic collections - dresses. New price will be start...
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